Genre: Indie
Vocal Dopplegangers: Lana Del Rey, Cat Power, Mazzy Star, Lorde, Stevie Nicks
current Musical production influences: Radiohead, Alt-J, Glass Animals, Tame Impala, Portishead.
I appreciate how these bands have created a unique sound by mixing old and new technology, classic instruments, meets modern sounds. This is definitely something I strive for, I always am looking forwards to what is next. I appreciate classical elements and definitely believe there is much to learn from the past, but as an artist I also believe in innovating and creating for the future.

MUSIC I've listened to through the ages

Middle School (Disclosure: I'm embarrassed by this) 
I wanted really bad to fit in so I listened to Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Jojo and Ciara, and rap+rnb.... which back then really wasn't rap. Lol remember Usher. Pretty much any major label bs, I listened to it. Then I think I thought I was punk....not really lol, Avril Lavigne taught me how to sing, I loved the angst of Linkin Park, they got me. Creed, AFI, Blink182, GoodCharlotte, Offspring.... lol cringe. Around this time I became emo and started my journey to being an official scene kid, because that was what cool kids did right? I still didn't fit in anywhere, but that was fine.

Freshman: What do emo kids listen to.... according to Jenelle(lmao): Chiodos, Saosin, Emarosa, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Silverstein, Dance Gavin Dance, Death Cab For Cutie, AlexisonFire, Underoath, Thursday, Armor For Sleep, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Yellowcard, Funeral for a Friend, Senses Fail, The Used, Glassjaw.
Sophomore: Circa Survive was my favorite throughout highschool. It was Anthony Green's sky high vocals and mix of psychedelic guitars that made me wish I could make music as amazing. Aside from the fact, at this time every guy wanted to date Paramore, queen of high female vocals. Which I would wish guys would like me like they liked her.
It was this year I met my band mate Edmund from Myspace Bulletins, we eventually met at Warped Tour, he was looking for a singer and I fit the bill. He produced Emo Electronic Pop music on Fruity Loops. Medic Droid was his biggest influence, I just went along with it because I wanted to be in a band. It had a Breathe Carolina vibe to it, I would sing, we had some crazy autotune effects and I would do some screamo too, it was a fun time. We even played a couple shows for friends. :) (He to this day still does music and is in a few band projects, but of course his taste has changed and evolved too)
Junior: Met my (at the time highschool sweetheart)ex and he showed me what real music was, I fell in love with his artsy playlist, music made me feel alive. In term it made me fall for him, because it made me dream of a life surrounded by sounds that made me happy and awakened to something new that I was longing for at the time. He was the first person who really in depth showed me The Beatles.(Thank you for that) As Tall As Lions, Minus the Bear, Block Party, Radiohead, Feist, Metric, The Sounds, Cursive, Elliot Smith, YeahYeahYeahs, LCD Soundsystem, Explosions in the Sky, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Passion Pit, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros. We had made some songs together, where he would play guitar and I would sing, he promoted me singing, but his brother who was a real producer didn't think much of me (I was 16 at the time, took this as a sign I wasn't good enough...)

I forgot about music for a few years, life happened, I was focused on the idea of college and being another cog in the wheel. I was one of the main singers in my college's music club, I loved this time, we would play music till 3am. I by this time already had a particular style. Slow, moody, and breathy. It wasn't until after school I met my next band mate, we met at work, hated work, like the same music. First day we hung he played guitar for me and I sang, and we realized we had something magic.... that is until we didn't a year later. But with this experience I realized I wanted to do music more than work or life itself.

Today: I'm consumed by art, I have a deep obsession with everything around my music. I don't go outside much, I'd like to travel one day, but I like what I do too much and figure I have the rest of my life to go outside when I'm old. Lol that maybe why I'm single. Anyhow, I taught myself guitar this past year because people told me I couldn't(I'm not great, but I get the job done). I don't know who I am as an artist yet, but I'm sure I will figure it out, this is my first time just doing music on my own and being my own creative director. I'm glad I have a community here I've built on Twitch to help me get through my awkward growing phase & maybe even show me I really can do this without those people, who meant to much to me.

College Years Soundtrack: Phoenix, Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Neon Indian, Beach House, Washed Out, Temples, M83, MGMT, Kavinsky, Lana Del Rey, Daft Punk, Justice, Crystal Castles, SBTRK, Baths, Ratatat, Phantogram, Santigold, Bonobo, The Smiths, Odesza, Vaults, Morrissey, Nancy Sinatra.

This years soundtrack: Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Moderat, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Cigarettes After Sex, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Empire of the Sun, The XX, Grizzly Bear, Hope Sandoval.