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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My New Dog Bear!

We adopted Bear at the Baldwin Park Shelter. I saw his picture online and knew we had to have him. We got him that same day for a measly $65. He is 6 years old and about half the size of Foxie. We've had him for about 2 months now and he has been the biggest joy in my life. Maybe I'm just lucky but both the pomeranians I've had have such great personalities. He doesn't bark at all like most small dogs, he also came pre potty trained and he does all the tricks, from sit down, shake, to roll over or shake. Even spins in circles when I tell him to.

Bear got groomed today! 

I really suggest to all you interested in getting a dog, go to a shelter, not a puppymill, all the dogs I've gotten have been amazing. They've even made it super easy to find your ideal dog at shelters with the internet, you can even search certain breeds. You can get Corgis, Pomeranians, German Shepards, Huskies, etc... all from a shelter. Expect to spend at least $500 or more on your dog for the first year if you are expecting to take good care of it. Premium food($30+/month), dog treats, accessories/toys, vet visits($50/per visit), license update($15/year), shots, flea prevention($10/month), grooming($35+), leash/harness($20), doggie tag($20), doggie bags etc it ads up fast. Over time expenses get cheaper since there are many initial costs the first year and obviously it would be cheaper if you bought cheap dog food, but I don't suggest it if you love your furry friend and want them to stick around for a while. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My first products!

This semester I took a Rapid Prototyping class where we learned Solidworks and Keyshot. I got to develop my own products for the home and I'm so excited to show you. All the pieces in my Trilogy Collection were inspired by triangles.

All items copyright jenelledagres (design patent pending on the cup and flatware)

Trilogy Blackware / The worlds first: Multidimensional silverware
Silverware has been around for a long time, I wanted to push myself to create something new that no one has ever seen before, but also something that is beautiful and functional.

Trilogy Goldware / Multidimensional silverware

Trilogy Glass in copper / Tea cup or Martini glass, you choose / The worlds first teacup cooler
This cup was initially inspired by my want to drink tea, however my tongue is super sensitive so I can't handle hot liquids and I don't like putting in ice cubes because it waters down the flavor. The concept of this cup was you would fill the negative space with either crushed ice or cool water, then you would pour your tea on top to cool it faster. Or you can use it to chill alcoholic beverages.

Trilogy Glass in stainless steel 

Trilogy Tray / Copper, marble, lucite
I love this, Zelda triforce awesomeness! Ha if only games made really expensive stuff the for home.

Kitsuné X INLAB

I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with French fashion house and record label Kitsuné in collaboration with INLAB. One of the projects we worked on included a book which showcased photography from various designers on what LA is to them. I got to lay out the book and even have some spreads myself.
Here's a little sneak peak, but to see more you have to get the book. You can get a free digital version if you attend the Kitsuné Opening Event this Thursday, December 12, 2013 7pm at South Campus. We're giving goody bags with up to $100 in merch for the first 100 Kitsuné fans to walk through the doors, so don't miss out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First time Air Softing

So last night was my first time air softing. (That's when you shoot bb guns at each other for fun on a playing field) I guess that isn't a verb according to word correct, whatever. It was awesome and not as painful as I expected. Okay well it kind of hurt a little, like a hard pinch for a second... that would kind of puff up or bruise or just be red based on how close someone was to me. It looks like I got a few mosquito bites, but I don't mind I'm sure they will go away. I left the whole session with about 7 or 8 dings on my body. Not a big deal. The most painful was the neck, I would highly suggest wearing neck protection/scarf.

Aside from that I wore a leather jacket to deter dings, however it was hot. This is definitely a sport that will make you sweat, but it was totally worth wearing to not have bruises. Today my legs are super sore, I can barely walk, & not from running, but crouching. It uses a lot of muscles I guess we don't normally use all the time.

How to not die:

  • Stay low
  • Take cover behind stuff
  • Follow people who know what they're doing lol
Most painful spots:

  • Neck -aside from being weak and sensitive, everyone has to see your neck...
  • Fingers -wear gloves
  • Back -(Mitch claims this is horrible)
My first time mistakes

  • Shooting your own team mates
  • Shooting someone upclose from the opposite team because they scare you
  • Taking off your mask in the break area(this is inside the playing field-where eliminated players go) You must keep your mask on at all times until you exit the whole playing arena. The break area does not count, I almost got a strike for this. 
  • Go on a night where everyone isn't some crazy kind of pro. We went on a Tuesday, I guess this is when regulars go. 
  • Don't wear any skin makeup, you're wearing a full face mask that will be disgustingly sweaty and full of foundation lol.
Well anyhow I highly suggest the experience to anyone, it's a great workout, I would definitely consider this over the gym. Though I would worry about getting Volleyball player thighs. :)

So yeah I kind of forgot to take a picture of us with our gear on because we were in a rush for the next  game. However, at least I have a snippet of us in the rec. room. Aww so cute. Darn, I wish you could see my all black ensemble it was freaking sexy, haha I felt like Laura Croft in Tomb Raider. There is something about shooting a gun in all black that makes you feel really sexy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Natural shampoo / conditioner

My experience with Natural shampoo and conditioner: FAIL
So lately I've been trying out natural shampoo. What is it?
Baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as conditioner.
Why am I doing this? My hair is super frizzy, dry and always damaged looking despite not dying it or straightening. I guess it's just naturally crazy. Plus I noticed I have dry scalp. So I decided to see if it was my shampoo drying out my scalp. After a week of natural shampoo I can't say I've seen any improvement. Plus my hair seems to be limp now, I guess it is getting weighed down by oil... So after a week I gave up and tried normal shampoo and conditioner out of curiosity. & voila my hair had volume and looked shiny actually...

I was really bummed the natural shampoo didn't work I really wanted it too, aside from that washing with baking soda is weird since it doesn't bubble.

Maybe it just wasn't meant for my hair type I have really fine hair, but I could see how this might work for someone who likes flat straight semi oily hair....

How to get campfire smell out of your hair:
So the reason I gave up on the natural shampoo was because I went on a camping trip and my hair smelled like campfire even after I washed it with baking soda.

I then created a mix of baking soda with shampoo, which did the trick. So that's the trick to getting campfire smell out of your hair.

My classes are :
Mon 8am-1pm Packaging 3
Wed 7pm-10pm Business 101
Thurs 2-7 Editorial Ipad/ or Kitsune.... not sure what I want to do yet....
Fri 8-1 Interactive 3
Sat 8-1 Rapid Prototyping

I'm kind of excited!